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Welcome to 

Parvanah Wellness + Parvanah Collective

Parvanah Wellness + Parvanah Collective are sister companies that revolve around

living an intentional, meaningful life that is simple, content, and connected.


 Parvanah Wellness Holistic Coaching for women who are looking to  simplify  their lives and lay the foundation for  contentment  and  connection . Specializing in supporting working moms and women with chronic health conditions.

Through Parvanah Wellness, I support women who are looking to
simplify their lives and
lay the foundation for contentment and connection.

Why simplifying? Because I know first hand how quickly you can feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and stressed when you have competing priorities and responsibilities that pull you in every direction (other than yourself). 

Why contentment? Because I know first hand how powerful contentment is in building a life that is joyful and nourishing.

Why connection? Because contrary to popular belief, we're not here to live independently from one another. We are wired for connection. The world is suffering from a pandemic of stress, isolation, loneliness, and disconnection from ourselves, our community, and Nature. Part of our healing journey is in defining what connection looks like to us and what we need to feel connected. 

You long to feel a sense of connection - with  yourself, with others, and with Nature. 

You feel an urge to regain some feeling of control in your life, but don't know where to start. 

You crave simplicity - in your inner world (mind) and your outer world (physical environment). 

Do any of these sound like you?

 A spiritual jewelry company built out of a love for meaning + simplicity + Nature. Offering minimalist jewelry inspired by numerology, crystals, and morse code, as well as custom mala necklaces and mala kits.

Parvanah Collective is a spiritual jewelry company built out of a
love for meaning + simplicity + Nature.

Drawing from mindfulness, metaphysical properties of crystals, numerology, and the power of words.

Featuring hand-selected gemstones, precious metals, and non-endangered woods.

Par•va•nah = butterfly: symbolizing growth, potential, creativity, and transformation

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