The Offering


Do you have a particularly important intention for your life right now? 

Perhaps you’re looking to bring more light into the world, or maybe you want to bring mindfulness into your day-to-day living. Or it could be the call to focus on personal growth and moving through fears.

Do you have a guiding word or theme for the year that you would like to be reminded of?

Perhaps you’re focusing on embodying courage, or love, or playfulness this year.

Are there ways of being or desires that you have decided will guide how you show up in this world? 

Perhaps a little bit of shakti (divine feminine energy), or ease, or grace.

If this speaks to you then keep reading…

Parvanah Collective* is here for when you feel pulled towards bringing a mala into your life that not only is beautiful and of quality, but also imbues the intentions and meaningful guiding words that you have declared for yourself. This bespoke mala is made-to-order – just for you.

We do this by …

… asking several key questions to gain an understanding of what intentions and ways of being you are focusing on at this time

… sitting with the responses for 1 – 3 weeks until she feels a pull towards particular stones and their meaning

… creating the mala and then sharing with you its meaning and several photos taken at different angles.

The Process

Our malas are made with the highest quality gemstones at my disposal, mala beads, as well as decorative and spacer beads that are either gold-filled, gold vermeil, gold-plated, sterling silver, silver-filled, silver-plated, copper, or a combination (one of my favourite options!). We use a variety of styles that include periodic knotting, spacer beads, no spacer beads, and multiple bead sizes.

All of our custom malas are made with the utmost of care. Each mala is cleared of any negative energy and is infused with a blessing and Reiki energy prior to being shipped off to its new home. All you need to do is to decide whether or not you would like to participate in the design process. So… leave it up to us (based on some key information) or work collaboratively to bring your piece to life.


Design Process Options

Guided Design

We create a mala together.

This is a collaborative process that involves everything in the Intuitive Design with the added layer of two rounds of feedback on mala mockups.

Intuitive Design

We create a mala for you. 

This is where our founder, Tina, creates a divine mala based on key information you give me (don’t worry, we have a form that you fill out that gives us everything we need). With this option you place the design in our hands. This is our most popular option.


Why can't I tell you exactly what I want? 

You can! That's one of our newer offerings. Just scroll up and under "Design Process" read "Guided Design". One of the qualities that makes Parvanah Collective malas unique is the care and intention set behind making them. Each mala is individually designed - no mass production here. We feel deeply about Tina’s creative process and know that her best work is developed when she is given the freedom to follow what she is guided to create. That being said, if you would like to have some input during the design process then now you have the option. 

What are the finer details?

We’re very upfront about these. We think it's important that both sides of the table are clear about the process.

Once you have ordered your mala we will send you a form to fill out that contains everything Tina needs to get started. If Tina has any questions or need further input from you then she will contact you by email.

Once we receive your responses to the questionnaire, Tina will begin the process of creating a mala inspired by your responses. This process can take from 1 - 3 weeks from receipt of your responses for the Intuitive Design option, and 2 - 4 weeks for the Guided design option. The time from received your responses to a finished product varies based on how long it takes to design the mala and whether special gemstones or other mala-making components need to be ordered to make the design a reality. If we anticipate any delay due to extenuating circumstances, such as delays in receiving an order that contains a component of your mala, then we will notify you immediately.

Once the mala is created we will connect with you to show you photos of the mala and share the meaning that it holds. 

Additional details such as the specifics of the design process and return policy can be found on our FAQ page.

How do I start the ordering process?

View our Custom Malas in our shop and make your selection of which design process and mala type you would like.

Thank you for supporting local + global artisans!