a momma + maker on a mission to slow down and live more simply

Hello, beauty. Welcome to this nourishing corner of the internet.  I created this space to be an intentional one. One where you (and I) can come to regroup, rethink, and recharge.

You see, I created this space as a place to share my thoughts and what I've learned so far in this life. I also created it as a place to remind me of all of that learning. [Some days I need more reminding than others. I like to blame it on "Mommy brain", but I know that my forgetfulness and "shiny object syndrome" extends far earlier than my days of tiny humans.]

Why do I need these reminders?

Because sometimes I feel like life is at a standstill, or that I'm questioning every. single. thing. that I've thought, said, and done. 

Sometimes I struggle with regret, guilt, fear, and crippling doubt.

Sometimes living with invisible illnesses is so damn frustrating that I can start to spiral into the "why me" conversation with my inner commentator. 

I'm telling you this because I want you to know that you're not alone.

I felt like I was alone for a while. It wasn't until I found other women who had similar feelings and struggles that I realized that I didn't have some fundamental flaw. So I decided to create this space to help others (you!) move towards a more simplified life so that you can have more time and energy to focus on what's truly important to you.


Who am I?

I'm Tina, a west coast Canadian residing on the majestic Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Like you, I wear a lot of 'hats' in my life.

Mom, spouse, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour, entrepreneur, creative ... all feeding into a messy, [mostly] beautifully full life.

Within all of this busyness I thrive off of creating and doing meaningful work rather than just talking about it, hence my building this space. (Plus I love writing copy and creating websites so it's definitely a labour of love.)

So what am I doing?

I use my writing as a way to connect with others about the topics that are important to me. Simplicity, slow living, self-care, self-love, and time in Nature, to name a few. Many of those in the Parvanah community are done with the overwhelm. Women who are craving a simpler, more connected life. Sometimes it can feel like a high wire act to get all of the things done in the day. I hear you and I'm right there in the muck with you. I am here to support you in wiping off the muck, breathing in deep, and taking the first steps towards creating a life that supports your wellbeing. My words are there for when you need them.

Need to hear a comforting message? Visit my Dear One series where I write letters and pep talks inspired by real life conversations (sometimes with myself, sometimes with other people).

I create jewelry support you in curating a life that feels good. I am a creative with a big heart and I have bold dreams of my dollars having a positive impact in the world. I was fed up with fast fashion and cheap quality products so I decided to join the ranks of businesses doing good. At Parvanah Collective, I create jewelry that I dub as "soulful luxuries for everyday living." My work is inspired by a more minimalist and modern slant to bohemian-inspired jewelry. Think simple designs with gorgeous natural gemstones and a dash of precious metals. It's my way of combining the breathtaking beauty of Nature with deep spiritual meaning and a dash of elegance.

I support busy women who want more space and simplicity in their life through my blend of coaching + consulting. Does this sound like you? Discover how to work with me.



After a fateful encounter with an insightful career counsellor early in university, I realized that all of my roles in life had the same three threads interweaving between each other. All of my life I've gravitated towards

  1. writing my thoughts down - often as poetry, letters, or essays

  2. creating beautiful things with my hands - whether it be some form of needlework, or delicate beadwork, or whipping up something in the kitchen (usually by improving someone else's recipe or concocting something out of the pantry)

  3. listening to others' feelings and supporting them in moving through them.

So this is where my work with Parvanah has led me: Parvanah Wellness is where I write and support others, and Parvanah Collective is where I create jewelry that weaves in the content of my writing.

Ever since being a little girl with an "old soul" I've been supporting others - teaching, guiding, and coaching them in all areas of life. Whether it was my decades of work in sales and service before returning to university, or my winding path that brought me to study psychology and personal development, or my role as a Mother of three and the responsibility of raising a new generation of empathic, insightful humans.

All of my life I have gravitated towards supporting others.

The most interesting part? All of my life others have gravitated towards me for help, whether as an ear to listen, a mentor for growth, or a guide for change. In my early days I didn't know how to hold space for this kind of work.

Perfect strangers divulging their deepest secrets. Customers spontaneously crying as they worked through emotions in my presence. Colleagues my senior and junior quietly coming to me for life and career advice. Friends unloading the heavy weight they bore on their shoulders.

But over the years, with a combination of experience, study, and personal growth, I've realized what an honour I have been given. For others to feel safe enough to be vulnerable in my presence is a gift that I no longer take for granted. It's through this ability to be vulnerable that the deepest, most lasting work is done, and I am grateful to help guide others - people like you - on a path to living a simpler life that feels good (at least most of the time).



Now it's time for some fun facts:

  • I love a bit of coffee everyday. Okay, I'll be honest - I love a lot of coffee.

  • I love to feed people. I'm what my Grandma used to call an "intuitive cook".

  • My Myers-Briggs is INFJ (although I dip my toes into the INTJ side on occasion) and my spirit animal is the owl.

  • In a past life I may have been a jukebox.

  • I have a crush on chocolate, but only the good stuff.

  • I'm a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. What does that mean? In a nutshell it means that I believe deeply in energy and that everything (everything) is connected.



Follow along with me ...


For beautiful jewels, inspiration to slow down + live simply, and a good dose of truth-talking about parenthood and wellness, visit me @parvanahcollective