Your Magic + My OOAK Malas = A Lasting Experience



You’ve put in a lot of energy so far…

You’ve researched and queried. Strategized and planned.

You’ve thought of every detail – big and small.

You deeply care about your people – your tribe – and

you want them to have a memorable experience. After all, that’s the goal, right?

create an experience that lingers

At Parvanah Collective I create beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom malas in my workshop on the beautiful Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Here I'm surrounded by Nature in Her finest - lush forests, sand, and sea - which inspires and guides my creativity and results in pieces that my clients adore.

My Clients

You value creativity.

You see the beauty in the details.

You look for meaning everywhere.

You want to give your people a truly memorable experience

and to do so you want something that’s different from the mainstream.

My clients come to me because they want something special for their people – they want

a beautiful reminder of growth + intention

so that each time their people touch/wear/see their mala they are transported back to that magical moment when the world stood still and everything felt good.


I have been ordering malas for closing ceremony gifts for 4 years now — and I’m so happy that I found Tina’s work through the Parvanah Collective. Her work was unique, gorgeous and sourced impeccably. She created 14 custom malas for my group, delivered them on time and packaged beautifully. Watching each woman unwrap, read the descriptions, and then “ooh + ahh” over their mala was magical. There were more than a few tears! I will definitely be working with Tina again next year.

Molly Mahar, Founder of


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The Malas

My malas are made with the highest quality gemstones at our disposal and are enhanced using decorative beads that are either metal-toned or made of precious metals (e.g. gold-filled, gold vermeil, gold-plated, sterling silver, silver-filled, silver-plated, copper, or a combination). You get to choose from variety of styles including fully knotted, periodically knotted, separated using spacer beads, or no spacer beads (Buddhist tradition).

Depending on your needs, I offer two design options.

  1. I create the design based on answers to a few key questions (Intuitive Design) or
  2. I work with you to create the design (Guided Design)

Clients that order malas for retreats and masterminds are offered a discount. The discount is dependant on the kind of mala you request and the number of malas you're requesting; therefore, please connect with me via the form below to find out more about my offer for you.


Want to learn more about our different malas?

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