Custom Malas

Custom Malas

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Parvanah Collective custom malas are one-of-a-kind malas made just for you.

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My malas are made with the highest quality "ingredients" that I can find: hand-selected gemstones, non-endangered wood mala beads, and accents of precious metals like gold-fill, gold vermeil, gold-plate, sterling silver, silver-fill, silver-plated, copper, or a combination (one of my favourite options!).

A variety of styles are used, including periodic knotting, spacer beads, no spacer beads, and multiple bead sizes. You have the opportunity to give direction on certain aspects of your mala in the custom mala form sent to you within 24 business hours after your purchase.

Intention Malas - using gemstones that resonate with a specific intention

Chakra Malas - using gemstones that resonate with one or more chakras

Birthstone Malas - using gemstones associated to your birth month

Zodiac Malas - using gemstones that are associated with a zodiac sign

Family Tree Malas - using gemstones that are associated with the birth months of one or more family members


The default design process is where I create a divine mala for you based on key information you provide me via my mala form. With this option you place the design in my hands. This is my most popular option.


Because my clients know that my mala-making isn't rushed and that what is created speaks directly to what they really need.


I have a deep-rooted sense of intuition and a gift for seeing and sensing patterns in words and stories. This means that I will take what you've written, sit with it, meditate on it, pull some oracle cards, and create your piece when the divine inspiration comes to me. It's magical. It truly is.

Would you like to be involved in the design process?

Your mala is going to be an important symbol in your spiritual journey. For some of us we would like to be a part of the design process in creating our mala. This is why you have the option to add on a collaboration component. By upgrading to what I call “Guided Design”, I’ll show you what I’ve created and give you the opportunity to provide up to 2 rounds of feedback.

Want to know the details? Head to the towards the bottom of this page.


- Your mala + a storage bag

- smudge stick

- PDF detailing the special properties of your mala

- Care instructions

Necklace + Bracelet Package:

You also receive one (1) bracelet made of some of the same beads in your mala in either a slip-on design (stretch cord) or adjustable design (nylon cord with macrame knot for opening and closing).


Discount codes cannot be used on custom mala projects.

Custom malas are a final sale (i.e. cannot be returned or exchanged).

** I will do my best to source specific stones, but if it is not possible to source them within a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost (as determined by me) then I reserve the right to offer alternatives.


Once you've purchased a custom mala option I will send you a link via an Etsy conversation. Designing your mala will begin once I receive the completed form. The length of time it takes to create a mala varies based on what kind of design process you choose. 

One of the qualities that makes Parvanah Collective malas unique is the care and intention set behind making them. Each mala is individually designed - no mass production here. I feel deeply about my creative process and knows that my best work is developed when I am given the freedom to follow what I am guided to create. Thank you for honouring my process. 

I It takes a minimum of 1 - 3 weeks to complete (Note: the duration of time depends on whether I require clarification on your custom mala form and whether I'm waiting for components of the mala to arrive in the mail.)

If you choose to participate in the design, then the completion time increases to 2 - 4 weeks .

† Special note about participating in the design process (known as Guided Design):

Once the questionnaire is received by me I will select focal pieces (e.g. pendant stones, tassels, charms) that I feel align with your questionnaire responses and then send you photos of them to see which one(s) you feel drawn to. After a pendant has been decided on I begin the process of creating a mockup of the rest of the mala - the beads surrounding the focal piece, the counter bead design, and the beads surrounding the top of the mala (the second counter bead section). When that mockup is ready I send you photos and a description of what I have put together. From here we can go through potentially 2 rounds of feedback from you (i.e. feedback from you, I make some changes and send new photos, another round of feedback from you, I make a final mockup). Once the two rounds of feedback* are complete and/or the mala is strung I cannot make any further changes. After the mala is strung and shipped to you I will email you a keepsake PDF that talks about your mala and its meaning along with a photo. Throughout the time we work together I keep you updated with where I am in the design process so that you know exactly what is happening on my end. This process can take from 2 - 5 weeks from receipt of your questionnaire responses to shipping of the mala depending on how quickly we communicate and if additional supplies need to be sourced**.

* I will respond to your feedback within 24 business hours. In order for this to be a mutually fulfilling experience I require my clients to be quick in their feedback, too. All feedback must be received within 3 weeks of the original purchase date. If I do not hear from you I will attempt to contact you two times via the email you provide at time of purchase. If I cannot get a hold of you and/or if I do not receive feedback by 3 weeks post purchase date, then I will create a mala that I feel drawn to create for you and ship it to the address provided at time of purchase. Once the mala is shipped then the order is considered complete.

** I will do my best to source specific stones, but if it is not possible to source them within a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost (as determined by me) then I reserve the right to offer alternatives.

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