Hecate Tassel Earrings with Classic Silk

Hecate Tassel Earrings with Classic Silk

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The Hecate earrings feature raw brass and classic silk tassels made in-house.

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These earrings feature classic silk with your choice of brass earwire (brass cone & circle), titanium earwire (antique silver-plated cone & circle), and sterling silver ear wire (antique silver-plated cone & circle). Each earring comes with a silicone back so you can confidently wear your earrings all day.

Each piece is made to order. Colour, clarity, and size may vary due to the nature of being handmade with natural materials or due to the screen that you're viewing this on.

Metals tarnishes over time. We personally love the look as metals naturally age and encourage you to embrace it, too. However, if you would like to keep them bright and shiny, then please be sure to care for them appropriately using a simple microfibre jewelry cloth made for the metal used in your earrings.

Metals may have markings on them from their travels and processing. We see these as making each piece unique from the next.

It’s best to keep your silk tassels hanging or laying flat. Do not place anything on top of your tassels or sitting close to them because you don’t want to accidentally snag the thread. If your silk tassel gets a bit wrinkled or kinked, just wet with a water sprayer and gently smooth out the wrinkles with your fingers, or carefully use a wide-toothed pick or comb with strokes moving down the tassel.

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