Intention Bracelets

Intention Bracelets


Our Intention bracelets are a beautiful way to keep your intentions close with you everyday.

Featuring a high quality silk cord that is both delicate and strong along with hematite beads numbering 1 through 9, which represent the energy that each number brings to our lives.

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Hematite: calm, clarity of thought, focus, concentration, courage

One: new beginnings, creation, leadership

Two: peace, harmony, balance

Three: mind body spirit, success, intuition

Four: stability, calm, inner strength

Five: freedom, curiosity, passion

Six: healing, harmony, abundance

Seven: luck, intuition, wisdom

Eight: inner strength, abundance, balance

Nine: fulfillment, purpose, wisdom

(Note that the metaphysical properties/meanings of crystals, metals, words and the like are as spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.)


To wear your bracelet, simply tie the nylon cord fitted, but comfortably onto your wrist with a square knot. This bracelet measures approximately 11", giving you ample length to tie it to your wrist, or maybe even your ankle!

Just like friendship bracelets or wish bracelets, once you tie on your bracelet, you leave it on.

Your bracelet will stay with you on your adventures until it falls off, symbolizing the intention's completion.

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