Intention Bracelets

Intention Bracelets


Our Intention bracelets are a beautiful way to keep your intentions close with you everyday.

Featuring a high quality grey silk cord that is both delicate and strong along with delicate gemstone beads that embody specific intentions. When worn, beads on the underside of the wrist help to balance the bracelet and add a touch of beauty if the knotted side faces up.

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January - Garnet = regeneration, love, hope, protection

February - Amethyst = spiritual connection, peace, happiness

March - Aquamarine = inner peace, self-love, communication

April - Clear Quartz = master healer, balance, clarity

May - Green Onyx = healing, abundance, renewal

June - Moonstone =  clarity, calm, intuition, wisdom

July - Carnelian = creativity, courage, prosperity

August - Peridot = compassion, renewal, abundance, harmony

September - Lapis Lazuli = protection, confidence, courage, manifestation

October = Tourmaline (multi-coloured) = healing energy, protection, love

November - Citrine = joy, abundance, manifestation

December - Turquoise (stabilized) = wholeness, serenity, truth, self-forgiveness

Amazonite = intuition, truth, trust, creativity

Labradorite = transformation, balance, clarity, intuition

Schorl (Black Tourmaline) = protection, inner strength, grounding

(Note that the metaphysical properties/meanings of crystals, metals, words and the like are as spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.)


To wear your bracelet, simply tie the silk cord fitted, but comfortably onto your wrist with a square knot. This bracelet measures approximately 11", giving you ample length to tie it to your wrist, or maybe even your ankle!


Just like friendship bracelets or wish bracelets, once you tie on your bracelet, you leave it on. Your bracelet will stay with you on your adventures until it falls off, symbolizing the intention's completion.


Bracelets are displayed on a recycled paper card and protected with an eco-film bag.

This product comes gift-ready in a simple paper bag.

You can also upgrade to full gift wrap if you like, which includes a handwritten message of up to 100 characters (not including spaces).

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