Manifestation Mala Kit

Manifestation Mala Kit


The Manifestation Mala Kit has everything you need to DIY your very own mala beads, including a variety of gemstones, wood beads, and metal beads, giving you the freedom to customize your mala just how you want it. 

We’re so excited about the creative journey you’re about to embark on. This mala kit is a wonderful way to ground the intention of manifesting something in your life. 

Note: This is a slighter shorter style mala that uses approx. 6mm beads.

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What each "ingredient" in this Mala Kit represents:

Green Aventurine = manifestation, balance emotional body, harmony, calming, optimism, joy, hope

Lapis Lazuli = protection, clarity, openness, confidence, courage, manifestation

Clear quartz = clearing, cleansing, harmony and healing

Wood = grounding

Your choice of either:

Gold = vitality, light, and wisdom, or

Silver = feminine energy, time to reflect and change direction, or

Copper = energy, feminine beauty, balance, love

(Note that the metaphysical properties/meanings of these healing crystals are as spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. This kit is created for people aged 15 years and older.)

Your mala kit includes:

  • 80 wood mala beads (approx. 6mm in size)

  >> gold option comes with bayong wood
  >> silver option comes with grey wood

  • 47 gemstone beads (may range from 5mm - 6.5mm in size)

You get more than 108 beads to create your mala - the ultimate in creative freedom!

  • Spacer beads (glass)

  • Decorative beads in your choice of metal-tone

  • 2 strands of nylon cord + 1 threading needle. Having 2 cords gives you some grace if you decide that you want to re-string your mala.

  • A storage bag

  • A knotting needle

    (Note: be careful not to poke anything or anyone… it’s pointy!)

  • Mala Kit 101 guide book with all of the information you need to make your mala and care for it afterwards

   >> this is a PDF e-book that is emailed to the email address associated with the order

Natural Variation

Since the gemstone and wood beads used in our kits come from the Earth and some are formed by hand, the gemstones may vary in colour, clarity, and size compared to the pictures on this listing.

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