Hi there, I’m Tina.

Part coach, part consultant for busy women who are craving a simpler life.



Why coach and consultant? Because I support my clients in asking questions and making plans + being strategic about the nitty gritty of finding balance between their career and their life outside of it.

You coming to this page means that you're interested in, or at least curious about, working with me to move towards a life that feels good.

How about I explain a bit more about who I work with and why?

Sound good? Good.

The women who work with me have come to me knowing that feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and disoriented in their life is not the way it has to be.

They know they're worth the time and energy to do the work.

They know that they could do it alone (in this digital age you can learn to do anything with a click of a button), but they also know that changing their lifestyle and shifting their thoughts and actions is more than ticking boxes.

They also know that having someone to guide them, hold space for them, and celebrate with them makes all the difference for the long term game.

You already have everything you need to go from where you are to where you want to be. My role is to support you in thinking in new ways [and taking action on it]. That means that I ask you questions (sometimes hard, sometimes fun, always purposeful), support you in making a plan, give you room to implement and stumble, and hold space for the muck that inevitably comes up. Rinse and repeat. Why? Because the questions [and answers] will change, the plan will shift, the stumbling blocks will morph, and the muck will transform into something new. All good things. All signs of moving forward. Step by step. 

Now for a few nitty gritty pieces.

It's key for both of us that we're a right fit for each other - just like finding a good pair of shoes. I take on just a few clients at a time so that I can make sure that I can show up for you and for my own life. Because, balance. If we're a good fit, then magik can happen. If we're not a good fit, then the process can get stale. No hard feelings.

A good fit generally means that (a) you're ready to do the work, (b) you won't be financially stressed by hiring me as a coach (because that would be counterintuitive to making life simpler), (c) you're a "take action" kind of person who likes that I'm honest, (d) you want a little tough love and know that you are the most important person to hold yourself accountable, (e) we enjoy each other's energy.

If you're interested in exploring how we can work together, then click the button below to access my coaching inqur. This helps me get to know you a bit better and is the first step in us figuring out if we'll be a good fit. After you submit the form I'll get back to you within 48 business hours to schedule a short 20 minute call so we can "meet" (don't worry, there's no charge for this). If we're a good fit then we'll discuss how I can support you and go from there.

Don't worry. This isn't going to sign you up for some kind of email newsletter. It's just "old fashioned" emailing between two humans.

Sound good? 

See you in your inbox.